Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog in the Winter

The cold weather can limit your exercise options. If you’re used to taking daily visits to the dog park, you’ll need to find other ways to exercise with your dog during the winter. It’s essential for everyone’s health, so don’t allow these activities to go the wayside. Use this article to gain fun ideas for exercising with your dog this season.

Walk up and Down the Stairs

This exercise is fantastic for building your quads and raising your heart rate. Plus, you’ll have fun watching your dog run up and down the stairs with you. You can create a challenge for yourself by racing your pup a few times. Do your best to keep up because many of our furry friends can easily run the stairs faster than us. Just be careful and avoid falling up or down the stairs and injuring yourself.

Fetch Races

Are you looking for a fun exercise you and your dog can do indoors or outdoors? Try fetch races! Of course, you must have space for this fun activity to work well indoors. Throw a toy, and then instead of watching your dog run after the item, race them to it!

Try Some Dog Yoga

Yoga will help your dog experience calmness and lower anxiety levels. It can help improve your health and your pup’s overall health too. Find a dog yoga (or doga) YouTube video to guide you through the session. There are plenty of expertise levels to choose from. Have fun strengthening and stretching as your bond with your dog. 

Train Your Dog To Be Your Running Partner

Use the time to train your dog how to run with you. Start indoors and teach your dog how to stay beside you. You might think that your pup will instantly understand, but your furry friend likely needs guidance. 

Your dog should run beside you—but you should avoid pulling on its leash because this will harm your pup. Once the warmer months come, this training ensures you can run outside together with ease!

Head to an Indoor Pet Center

Indoor pet centers are excellent because they function as indoor dog parks. Allow your dog to run around, socialize, and play without worrying about the cold conditions outside. Play a game of tag with your dog to get your heart rate up. Some even have pools where you and your furry friend can swim laps together. 

Exercise is vital for everyone; it doesn’t have to stop because when the weather cools down. You may have to get creative, but you can enjoy exercising with your dog throughout the winter with one of the above ideas.

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Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog in the Winter


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