The Most Fun Alternatives to Skateboarding

There’s no question that skateboarding is a fantastic way to exercise, cruise the city, improve your balance, and boost your mental health. However, it may become mundane (like running) after many years, causing you to want to head down a new path. Explore the most fun alternatives to skateboarding to get an idea of where to begin. 

The Land of the Freeboards 

To the naked eye, freeboards and skateboards look identical. Yet, freeboards feature wider wheels and trucks than your standard skateboard, giving the rider more control for carving and shredding. Essentially, free-boarding is like snowboarding without the mountains and snow. It’s good for riding but not for tricks since it’s heavier than a skateboard. Another detractor is that the deck can be too small, leading curious skaters to try our next option. 

Street Surfing on a Longboard

Longboards have been around for ages and closely resemble surfing on land. They are longer, heavier, and wider than skateboards since their intended use is for traveling longer distances as a mode of transportation. With larger wheels, longboards allow for a smooth ride on various surfaces. Longboards are the best way to bomb hills because they provide more control, and gaining speed is more manageable

Turning Back the Clock for Rollerblading

Rollerblading (my personal favorite) may not be the fad it once was in the early 90s, but it still offers a fun way to zoom around town. In the decades between the rollerblading craze and now, manufacturers have improved their design, making them go faster than ever. Therefore, you can still get a rush when you strap on a pair of rollerblades, even if your preconceived notions tell you otherwise. 

Another positive about rollerblades is that they are suitable for beginners and youngsters. You can go as a family and take it slow for everyone to enjoy. Save those high speeds and other maneuvers for your own time. 

Scooting Along

The beautiful part about scooters is that they come in manual and electric models. The manual ones are relatively inexpensive, so that’s the best choice if you’re on a limited budget. Scooters are usable on the streets and sidewalks, making them a solid option if you want to drag a leg and scoot. 

Just Like Riding a Bicycle 

The last alternative to a skateboard is a reliable bicycle. Bikes are prevalent everywhere, virtually guaranteeing you’ll find one you like. With different speeds and styles to choose from, there’s no shortage of things you can do on a bicycle. Like rollerblading, mostly everyone knows how to ride a bike, so you’ll have plenty of options for a riding mate. 

Even though boarding is your main jam, or like me running, the most fun alternatives to skateboarding allow you to broaden your horizons and try something new. And if you have experience on a skateboard, the learning curve for transitioning to these options shouldn’t be too steep. 

Love Stephanie, your cheerleader for improved mental and physical health
The Most Fun Alternatives to Skateboarding


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