2018 Review / 2019 Goals

Another year has come to an end. And what a year it was!

2018 was a year of hope and rejoicing with the birth of my first biological child. Seven of the #2018bestnine Instagram pictures above revolve around baby. Starting in the upper left hand corner, here’s what the pictures represent.

1) Pregnancy announcement May 13th

2) Infertility journey December 9th

3) Birth announcement December 3rd

4) Treadmill run while traveling February 3rd

5) At Home Treadmill run January 11th

6) Second Pregnancy Transformation November 13th

7) First Pregnancy Transformation August 28th

8) Pregnancy Race Medals October 29th

9) San Francisco Giant Race September 9th

In 2018, I ran a total of 13 races; 11 while pregnant and 2 pre-pregnancy. I had plans of participating in four races during the month of December, but with baby coming over a week late on November 29th and via a c-section after 37.5 hours of labor, my body was in recovery mode, not racing mode. The four races were the inaugural CIM 5k, CIM, a local free 5k/10k, and Fleet Feet’s annual free Holiday Classic 5k. Although it was a bummer to not be able to complete these races, I’m incredibly grateful for the healthy baby girl in my arms (not to mention that there’ll always be next year).

As for 2019, it’s going to be a year in which I learn how to juggle life with baby, two teenagers, husband, earning my Master’s degree, and a full time teaching job. I plan to kick off the year by getting my nutrition back on track. Once my nutrition is back to where it should be, my weight will follow suit. Mid year I will finish my Master’s program and earn my administration credential. I will finish the year by running my third California International Marathon (maybe there’s a possibility for a PR?). 2019 goals summed up:

1) Get Nutrition / Weight Back on Track

2) Earn Master’s Degree / Administration Credential

3) Run CIM (possible PR)

How was 2018 for you? What are some of your goals for 2019?

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