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Finding Balance in Passion (Part 2)

Remember when I wrote “Find Balance in Passion (Part 1)” back in October?  Well, I’m still searching for the balance and am ready to write part 2. Perhaps you’re thinking, “It’s been nearly a month since you’ve written a blog post. Where have you been?”

There’s this thing called a J-O-B. Yes, the thing that pays the bills. I’m blessed to be not only have a job, but to be in my chosen career field. At 10 years old I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Overall, I love my job as a 5th grade teacher. My job, however, can at times be all-encompassing.

Perhaps this is because I like to do more than just the “normal” duties of a 7am-3pm teacher. One of the extra roles I have taken on is that of ed tech guru. Just today, in fact, I visited a neighboring school district and presented on Google Classroom.

Last month, I traveled to Monterey and gave the same presentation.

Last month, I also traveled to Napa to attend a tech conference.

Next week, I’m traveling to Palm Springs for yet another educational technology conference!

As you can see, I love presenting and attending technology conferences! I’m so blessed to work in a school district that supports myself and others who wish to apply the latest technologies with our students.

How does this fit in with my life as a runner, wife, and mom? Well, that’s where it can get difficult. That’s where the balance comes into play.

Anyone have any advice to share with me? Here’s what I currently do… I currently schedule in times for exercise. I make it a priority. I schedule in weekly date nights with my husband. And I schedule in one on one quality time dates with my kids.

Today my mom asked, “How do you do it all?”

I replied, “I don’t.”

There will be times I neglect my exercise regimen, I go a month without blogging, I skip a date with my husband, I forget to spend quality time with my kids, or I fail to plan an epic lesson for my students. And that’s okay. It’s one day a time.

So, have I found the sweet spot of finding balance in passion? No. But, I am remembering to not be so hard on myself and to call on my Heavenly Father to get me through every day.

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