Transformation Tuesday #8

Transformation Tuesday

It’s#transformationtuesday! The picture on the left was taken in China and the picture on the right was taken in Mexico. The clothes from the picture on the left, I purchased in China while living and teaching there for a year. I remember that I had to buy men’s sizes because none of the female clothes fit me. I was trying my hardest to hide. To hide the fact that I was overweight and unhealthy.

Three years later, the clothes from the picture on the right were ordered from the junior’s section of an online clothing retailer. I was healthy and confident to show off the hard work I had done! I went to the gym 4-5 days a week and had just completed my first marathon (26.2 miles). I was tan because much of my running was done outside and in my free time I enjoyed laying out in the sun in my bikini. 

The #transformation was not immediate. It was done slowly over the course of two years. There was no magic pill, no magic shake. Instead, it was accomplished by making smarter food choices and exercising. Running did not happen right away. That too took time. I first started with walking / using the elliptical machine. 

You can do it! Trust the process. Know that transformation that is made slowly lasts. Quick transformation is quickly lost. Do not “diet”. (I consider this to be a “4 letter word”.) Instead, make a lifestyle change. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods. Do not restrict. Know that it is all about moderation. Instead of thinking about what you CAN’T eat, think about all that you CAN eat! You’ve got this!


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