An Open Letter From a Distance Learning Teacher to All Parents

Distance learning has become public enemy number one for many students, parents, and teachers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can all come together and work as one for the betterment of our sanity.

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Disclaimer: I am a 5th grade public school teacher. I have been in education for over a decade. I currently possess a multiple subject credential, a single subject English credential, and an administration credential. All thoughts are my own.

To All Parents

First, I want all parents to know that you are not alone. We teachers, just like you, are embarking upon a school year unlike any other. Many of us teachers began a career in education because we believe in the power of education.

We began our educational career not to sit behind a computer all day, but instead to sit beside your child. 0ur greatest joy comes from the expression on your child’s face when they have that “Ah ha” moment.

Many teachers, much like myself, consider your child to be one of our own children. From the first moment we receive our class list, we are memorizing your child’s name, writing their name on all of their school supplies, and dreaming for the school year ahead.

Throughout our summer “vacation”, we are attending professional development workshops often on our own dollar, spending hours on Pinterest, and lesson planning for what this next school year may bring.

From a Distance Learning Educator

To receive an education is to receive an enlightening experience. I’m confident that we all are currently being enlightened in the world of educational technology: from students, to teachers, to everyone in between.

I would like to remind all parents that your child’s teacher is human. We are not a robot, we do require sleep, and we are not available 24/7.

With this being said, I would also like to remind all parents that many teachers are good. We prepare lessons, meet virtually with your child, and provide feedback to your child with the best of intentions.

Although you may only see our face live for an hour a day, I can assure you that your child’s teacher puts in more than a traditional nine hour work day. If your child’s teacher is anything like me, he/she stays up late and wakes up at the crack of dawn to check work submitted and/or to plan out work to be assigned to your child.

Assume Best Intent

I first heard of “assume best intent” at a back to school, district-wide, meeting a few years ago. It was so profound because it relates to so many areas of life. In my interactions with my students, my co-workers, my husband, and my friends, I must ask myself, “Am I assuming best intent?”

I then must ask you parents, “Are you assuming best intent from your child’s teacher?”

Many of us teachers are good. We wake up every day with the best of intentions and thoughtfully craft our lessons with your child in mind. We’re learning new apps, programs, and digital skills all for the betterment of your child. We are stepping out of our comfort zones, making videos, and oftentimes making a fool out of ourselves with the best of intentions.

Parents, please trust us. Many of us are well trained and know what we are doing. If there should be a question, comment, or concern that arises, please communicate with us prior to contacting our superiors.

Remember parents that many of us are parents too. We, just like you, are trying to juggle a full time job while supervising our own children in their distance learning environments.

Above all else, please remember to be kind.

Love Stephanie of
An Open Letter From a Distance Learning Teacher to All Parents


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