Review: Sweat X Sport

No one likes being smelly or worse, being stuck behind a smelly person.  There have been several instances in which I've been running a race and I've been stuck behind a stinky person.  I remember turning to my friend and saying, "Let's run faster so that we aren't stuck behind this person." Don't be the stinky one.  Get the funk out of your activewear with the help of Sweat X Sport. 

Athlinks: Claim, share and celebrate your race results!

"Compete. Connect." That's the Athlinks motto.  How do you keep track of your race results?  Wouldn't it be nice if all of your races such as running races, triathlons, swimming competitions, cycling events, mountain biking adventures, etc. were all stored in one place?! Great news!  It can be with the help of Athlinks!  Athlinks is the largest results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world.

My Word for 2018: Hope

It may be easy to, at times, feel hopeless.  This is because our hopelessness stems from a desire for earthly treasures; wealth, companionship, the latest gadgets, and fulfillment of what WE think we need and when we need it. "God [however] is called 'the God of Hope.' This means He is the source of all real hope. If we are going to have hope (confident expectation), it must come from Him for He alone has the power to give it."

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