Why I’m Not Looking Forward to My Next Marathon

Tomorrow is my 19th full marathon. When I initially registered for the race, I thought I'd be better prepared, but alas here I am undertrained and unenthused. #santarosaBR #BibChat

Race Recap: Oaktown Half

Out of the four half marathons I've ran since giving birth 8 months ago, not only was the OakTown Half my fastest half marathon, but I also felt the best during this half! After running the OakTown Half, I feel hopeful about my future postpartum running endeavors.

August Boss Mom, Stephanie from Run Strong Run

I’m humbled to be featured on my friend’s blog as her August Boss Mom!

Mrs. Mother Runner

Yay! One year! I can’t believe I started a blog a year ago and I’ve actually kept it going! Although I do admit I wish I had a little more content on there I am happy that I’ve been able to feature such amazing women who not only inspire me daily but are awesome moms and people in their community. Since it’s my 1 year blog anniversary I wanted to feature the person who got me interested in blogging and who has been a friend and inspiration to me for the past 3 years. She is a teacher, a wife, a bonus mom of two older children and she just recently had a daughter of her own.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie from Run Strong Run 8 months after having my first child at the Run Rocklin half marathon. Stephanie was a pacer with Beast pacing and…

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