Race Recap: Bidwell Classic

Not all races are PR races.  Some races it’s about getting out there and enjoying the experience.  This is what the Bidwell Classic was for me.  2017 has been a slow start, nothing like 2016.  And you want to know what?  It’s okay.

On to more about the Bidwell Classic…

This was my first time running the Bidwell Classic. I didn’t realize it until after I received the medal, but this year was the race’s 41st year! No wonder it is appropriately titled, ‘The Bidwell Classic”.  I drove the hour north to Bidwell Park, arrived with about 45min. to race start which gave me enough time to pick up my bib, walk back to my car, take a picture, and then find the starting line.  This was a small, local race.  There were a total of 200 participants in the half marathon.

While waiting at the starting line I heard someone come up behind me and say, “Hey! Nice socks!”  I looked behind me and saw Holly Ann (@inkdchinagirl).  We, of course, had to snap a pic of our Pro Compression socks and Momentum Jewelry shoe tags.


I wasn’t taking this half marathon too seriously, so I didn’t even stretch or warm up (SO bad, I know, but what can I say).  Before I knew it, we were off and running.  Most of the times, my running strategy is to find a runner who is running a similar pace as me and try to keep up with them.  Soon into the race I found my runner and proceeded to stick with him until about mile 6.  At this point, my pace began to slow.  here are my splits…

mile 1 9.50.40
mile 2 9.50.34
mile 3 9.46.71
mile 4 9.40.82
mile 5 9.43.55
mile 6 9.43.53
mile 7 10.34.6
mile 8 10.03.9
mile 9 10.11.1
mile 10 10.35.2
mile 11 10.04.7
mile 12 10.10.3
mile 13 9.57.38
mile 0.2 1.53.76
Total 13.20 miles 2:12:09:00

Negative splits?  Yeah, totally not there, but that’s ok.

The course was a loop course that took us runners two times around lower Bidwell park. The path was nice and wide which allowed participants to easily pass one another as needed. The course was clearly marked and the aid stations were well stalked. One of my favorite things about this race was the scenery. A large portion of the race followed a meandering river through the park and was nicely covered by shade trees. Even though I carried my GoPro for the entire race, I only captured one picture.


I would highly recommend this race if you’re looking for a smaller, local, flat-course race.

These are some of my favorite post-race grabs!
Another medal to add to the collection!

How often do you run road races just for fun?  What do you do to stay motivated to continue moving forward when a run gets difficult?  Comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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