Transformation Tuesday #15

Are you letting fear stand in the way of what you want to do/accomplish? In these two pictures, there’s about a 60 lb. difference. On the left, although I overcame my fear of fish and picked one up while at the fish market in India, I was holding on to 60 pounds of fat out of fear of failing.

Many people tell me that they can’t run, can’t lose weight, can’t this, can’t that. Let me tell you that you CAN! Defeat your fear, feel the fear, and do it anyway!

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The Color Run Giveaway

First and foremost, may I say, “Thank you,” to the many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country. We run FREE because of the BRAVE.  Thank you!

Second, in celebration of this three-day Memorial weekend AND that it’s the last week of school for most (including myself), I’m giving away one FREE race entry to The Color Run Sacramento!  How am I able to give away a race entry to The Color Run Sacramento you might ask… it’s all because I am a Color Run Ambassador. So, if you don’t win the race entry, be sure to use code “SACRACOLOR3” when you register for Sacramento’s Happiest 5K on the Planet for $5 off registration! Here’s how to enter the giveaway… Continue reading

Transformation Tuesday #14

It’s Transformation Tuesday and today I’m taking a look at food. It’s something we can’t avoid and something that we encounter several times throughout the day. So, how do we make wise food choices? 

To be quite honest, this is still something I struggle with from time to time. For example, just the other morning I made myself a plant-based protein smoothie for breakfast, but when I walked into work what did I see… maple donuts! 🍩 I made the right choice and only ate half of one. See… It’s about finding the balance. 😉

To be honest, some things that help me make wiser food choices include:

1) I start every day with a balanced breakfast (preferably I drink a glass of warm lemon water before eating breakfast) 🍋

2) I pack healthy snacks so that I’m not tempted to grab something “junky” 🍏

3) I drink a full glass of water before I reach for a snack (chances are I’m dehydrated, not hungry) 💦

4) I aim for an 80/20 diet (80% plant-based/20% non plant-based) Since becoming a vegetarian 4+ years ago, I have consumed more fruits and veggies than ever before! 🍆

As for the pictures, the one on the right was when I was not following these above principles. I was eating anything and everything that came my way. I was not exercising, sick quite a bit, and felt quite miserable. The picture on the left, however, shows a woman who (for the most part) eats to fuel her body. She doesn’t restrict, but instead asks herself, “Will this fuel me for my busy day ahead / for my long run?” She is healthy, fit, and happy. She still has her “off” days, but she is quick to jump right back on the path of health and wellness. 

Please realize I am still a work in progress and am far from perfect. Also, I am not a registered dietician nor nutritionist. My hope is that by sharing my journey I may encourage someone else to make healthier food choices for themselves and/or their family. 

Remember friends… Food Matters! 

My Double Marathon Weekend 

When did I first get the idea about doing two marathons in one weekend? I’m not quite sure, but I think it was shortly after learning about a running club called “Marathon Maniacs”. After perusing, I quickly knew that I wanted to become a Marathon Maniac!

*Want to read more about the weekend that solidified my “Marathon Maniac” status?  Then, read on, but readers beware… it’s a lengthy one! 😉

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Transformation Tuesday #13

Today’s #transformationtuesday is a little different because it’s all about the marathon! Instead of comparing my pre-weight loss body to my post- weight loss body, I am comparing me from my first marathon, to my most recent marathons, numbers 7 and 8.

My first marathon was on March 4, 2012. I had only began running less than a year prior, on March 27, 2011. The marathon terrified me! I had no idea what to expect! The furthest I had run in my training was 18 miles. The marathon also really excited me! When I rounded the last corner and saw the finish line, I threw my arms up and jogged victoriously over the finish line. I had done it! I was a marathoner!

I was also in a lot of pain! My hips were in excruciating pain. I went home, took an ice bath, and laid in bed for the rest of the day. I was very sore and it took a while to recover.

Fast forward to my most recent marathons. Yes, I say marathons because I did marathon number 7 on April 30th and then did marathon number 8 on May 1st! I would love to report that my time from my first marathon to numbers 7 and 8 were dramatically faster, but they were actually petty similar… All close to 4 hours and 35 minutes. The BIG difference, however, was how my body felt, my recovery window, and my ability to complete another marathon the day after crossing the finish line of a marathon!

There is just something about the marathon that I love! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could do back to back marathons when I first went out for a jog in 2011 and could barely jog two blocks! With hard work, determination, and by God’s strength ALL things are possible!

So, this brings me to my next goal… I’ve tried training on my own using various training plans, but my marathon time hasn’t seen much of a change. I, therefore, shall seek out a coach, whether in person or online, and I WILL get faster! I WILL be able to keep up with Joyce Lee the next time she is pacing a marathon! 😉

“A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!” – Joe Vitale

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